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Bring Out the Best in Your Team: Invest in Success

learning styles team building Apr 06, 2022

A new initiative means new learning on the horizon for most of us. Even without an initiative the pursuit of learning helps every team member contribute at their best. How can you get the most from any learning journey to bring out the best in your team?

Keep it Simple and Easy to Learn

We recently added a new puppy to our family. I didn’t want to take all the responsibility, so I needed to set my ten year old daughter up for success so she could bring her best self forward to do the job. We reorganized the entryway for easy access to the leash and dog supplies. Added an extra coat and shoes at the front door just for taking the dog out (we normally use the back door for coming and going). We set timers on her watch as reminders for feeding time. Each of these strategies were designed to make learning new life rhythms with a puppy easier. We are more successful when it's EASY to learn something new.

Design a Tailored Learning Experience

At the start of this blog series, I emphasized avoiding a one-size-fit-all approach to developing your leaders. Start with observations of what brings out the best in your people. Then, engage them in a conversation to explore what works for them. The final stage is to co-create learning strategies tailored for your people based on how they like to learn.

While each person has a primary style, they may draw their strategies from any of the styles we have been exploring. So, it’s helpful to recap the learning goals for each of the four styles:

Knowing what their goal is can be helpful to explore what strategies are going to be most effective for their learning experience. Grab a Learning Styles Summary right HERE for all four learning styles and a snapshot of learning tips for each style. 

Tips for Bringing Out the Best Though Learning

As you customize development plans for your people, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind:

  1. Facilitate regular conversations focusing on what learning goals and methods work for them
  2. Co-create specific learning approaches that are in-line with each individual’s learning style
  3. Check in regularly and reinforce what is working and adapt what isn’t.
  4. Break the big goals down into bite size pieces that are more achievable.
  5. Prioritize learning with systems that support it (i.e. annual reviews, regular meetings, team goals, dedicated budget, peer collaboration, etc.)

Developing your people requires an investment of time, energy and resources. What makes that investment worthwhile is seeing your people contribute at their best. 

Grab your summary and tip sheet so that you can customize your approach to get the best return on your investment. If you are still sorting through to discover the optimal approach to grow the individuals on your team, schedule a 27 minute strategy session and let’s talk about how you can set your team up to thrive.

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