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Bring out the Best in Your Strategic Thinkers

learning styles team building Mar 23, 2022

Sofia’s thinking brain was always on, strategizing and seeing all the interconnected parts. When faced with a complex issue or something she didn’t know much about, her thinking brain would simply “dial up” more thinking. Learning and thinking are like synonyms for her, so similar that they can’t really be separated. 

As an extraverted strategic thinker she is more likely to reach out to the people she knows to find out more information to fuel her learning, thinking process. The more introverted strategic thinker will search out what other experts have written, review research or spend time thinking on their own to further draw out what they already know.  

Strategic thinkers share the “solutions focus” in their learning goals along with the problem solvers. They also enjoy ideating and conceptual learning like the bridge builders. Because of their natural propensity to acquire knowledge and think things through they tend to pursue pathways for their own growth that involve seeking out the “greats”! Whether it’s through academic study or getting close to industry experts, their goal in learning is to acquire knowledge and expertise. With a drive for thinking that is always “on”, they are processing and integrating this knowledge into developing their strategies that will make the world a better place.  

How they Learn

  • Research best practices, pursue academic study, attend industry specific training
  • Explore things from all different angles and perspectives
  • Ask curious questions to explore multiple options

How They Involve Others

  • Follow experts through building relationships, reading books, or studying their work
  • Discuss concepts to more fully enhance the application of their learning
  • Actively bring in others if relevant to their specific learning goals

What Action Do They Take 

  • Leverage information to shape new ideas and try new experiments
  • Seek out more knowledge in areas of interest simply for the sake of knowing
  • Articulate concepts and strategies so others can understand

What You Can Do As a Leader

Strategic Thinkers are seekers of knowledge. As a leader, if you want to bring out the best in them, invest in growing their knowledge base needed for the role. Engage in ideating and conceptual conversations that will help them translate their acquired knowledge into the strategies you and they want to implement. Download the Learning Styles Assessment and get the rest of the blogs on each style delivered to your inbox!

If you are looking for a more customized approach to leading your strategic thinker, schedule a 27 minute strategy session and let’s talk about strategies and tactics for developing your people.

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