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Bring out the Best in Your Compassionate Connectors

learning styles team building Mar 30, 2022

Did you know learning can be as much about gathering resources as it is about knowledge acquisition? Talia knows this because she is a compassionate connector and her heart compels her to always be on the lookout for what people need – resources, books, knowledge – then actively learn what she needs to know to be able to connect people to what can help them succeed. 

Compassionate connectors appreciate traditional classroom learning and are the largest population with careers in our educational systems. At the heart of their learning is the desire to acquire information and knowledge in their library of resources so they can grow personally and also develop others. Their compassion compels them to see what people need, learn about ways that could help and then serve others through what they learned. 

You are likely leading a team filled with a variety of problem solvers, bridge builders, strategic thinkers or compassionate connectors. Think about the best way you can nurture the learning experience of your compassionate connectors with these tips.

How they Learn

  • Engage with clear content that’s easy to remember or memorize
  • Participate in hands-on experiences that impact real-life situations
  • Ask questions to clarify what is expected of them

How They Involve Others

  • Enjoy learning in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere
  • Focus on cooperation more than competition when it comes to the learning journey
  • Appreciate teachers who convey respect and offer positive feedback

What Action Do They Take 

  • Offer a variety of options for taking action as they share with others
  • Advocating for the underdog to get access to resources
  • Create a “library” of knowledge and resources shareable with others

What You Can Do As a Leader

Helping others is what drives compassionate connectors to learn. They expect clear content offered in a positive learning environment. As a leader you can help them clarify what learning topic is most relevant for them to succeed in their role. Then, support them in seeking out ideal programs and learning environments where they will thrive. Demonstrate your respect and appreciation for what they have learned by inviting them to share their knowledge. Encourage them to contribute resources they have gleaned to help others in your organization. 

If you are looking for a more customized approach to leading your compassionate connectors, schedule a 27 minute strategy session and let’s talk about making key learning connections between how your people best learn and how they can grow. 

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