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learning styles team building Mar 16, 2022

With his bridge builder learning style, Terrance was always looking for the next new thing to do at his job. If he was in the same role for 2 years he would start getting bored and looking for the next opportunity. 

The inspiration to learn and grow comes from engaging opportunities or emerging interests. Learning isn’t just reading a book >> though bridge builders read LOTS of books. It’s taking what they learn from a book, in a class, with a mentor, or through a conversation AND applying that to their new endeavors. 

Like our problem solvers, they learn by doing. Different from our problem solvers, bridge builders prefer doing new things and doing it with others. Their learning goal is to understand concepts and put them into practice to make an impact. That means spending time ideating, dreaming and talking about it to fully embrace the notion of learning something as they are doing it. 

How they Learn

  • Variety is the key: books, classes, research, discussion, mentoring, trying things 
  • Focus on passion and interest >> they want learning to make a difference
  • Ask questions to explore their depth of understanding

How They Involve Others

  • Enjoy learning with others in social environments
  • Engage in discussion to bounce around ideas or deepen their learning
  • Appreciate the personal investment of a mentor, leader, coach

What Action Do They Take 

  • Try out new ideas spurred by what they learned
  • Put their unique spin on what they learn and share it
  • Teach and mentor others with what they know

What You Can Do As a Leader

Bridge builders learn with others, focused on something they are passionate about. As a leader you can help them explore what is important to them and which of the variety of learning activities they enjoy work best for that situation. Invest in them personally by asking questions, discussing what they are learning, and showing them how they can express that learning in their work. Then you will bring out the best in your bridge builder. Download the Learning Styles Assessment and get the rest of the blogs on each style delivered to your inbox!

If you are looking for a more customized approach to leading your bridge builders, schedule a 27 minute strategy session and let’s talk about the variety of creative learning approaches for developing your people. 

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