Simple Strategies to Work Better Together

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Annie Perdue Olson

Teacher - Coach - Facilitator

Ministry leaders can get lost in overwhelm when there is so much to do and not enough resources. You will need your people to be at the top of their game if you want to realize your mission.

That's why I will guide you in creating simple strategies for your team to thrive in faith and leadership! Together, we will find the "how to" that's right for you.

The Biggest Barriers to

Becoming better together

I have been coaching teams and individuals for over 20 years. Time after time, these three troublemakers seem to show up.

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    Busy is the enemy to success. Stop the madness and turn it around with your team at your side.

    Accomplish your mission better when you are together.

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    People Problems

    People are messy. Relationships are tough.

    Prepare your team to thrive with tools to navigate the people problems that complicate ministry.

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    Confidence is Tested

    Not many people understand the dynamics of being a leader in ministry. It's just different.  

    Let's reinforce your confidence with the "how-to" that's right for you. 

Sound Familiar?

I can Help

It starts with a 27-minute call

What to expect:

"Not only do I offer this experience for you,
I can teach you to do it for your team." - Annie

  • Collaborative Solutions

    Create the right solution for your situation.

  • Strategic Conversations

    Engage the dialogue that helps you find answers.

  • Responsive approaches

    Be quick to respond, but not impulsive. Let's think it through!

  • Confident momentum

    If it's not spot-on, we will keep working together til we get there.

Who do I

Work with?

  • Pastors and Ministry Leaders
  • Non-profit Boards and Staff
  • Volunteer Teams
  • Individual Leaders
  • Christian Business Owners

Welcome To My Website:


Annie is a strong collaborator and is an asset to creating momentum in an organization. Above all this she covers her work in prayer led by the Spirit. Her strategy is created through faith-filled insights and discernment. 

- Kim Laufenburger
Executive Director at Hope Church

My Strategic Process

There is Hope.

  • 1

    Let's Strategize

    Schedule your FREE strategy session to identify what is critical to get your team unstuck.

  • 2

    Create Your Plan

    Let's co-create what fits for you and I'll walk with you each step of the way.

  • 3

    Equip the Team

    Apply the tools and show your team how to do it, too. Set them up to thrive!

It starts with a 27-minute call

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Annie has become the go-to source our organization uses for coaching leaders, building teams and developing staff.
-Carl Nelson
Chief Executive Officer, Transform MN



Accelerated Coaching

Target a specific people problem that is sidetracking your team's performance.


Activate Learning

Training programs to prepare you to conquer leadership challenges.


Group Facilitation

Co-create a strategic session to equip groups to work better together.

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