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Time Isn’t the Only Thing We Need To Manage

overwhelm Jan 26, 2022

You’ve probably heard, and even tried, a variety of time management strategies in your life and leadership. What needs to be done can get overwhelming, so you fill your “tool box” with all sorts of tips and tricks to manage time more effectively. Sometimes this works. Sometimes this doesn’t. Let’s explore this further. 

Manage Your Time

Let me start by saying: I found that I needed these tools! I’ve used the Eisenhower Matrix to determine urgent versus important. I love my Michael Hyatt planner that gives me a big three for the week and a big three each day. This helps me live closer to the important and be more intentional when I must choose the urgent. 

I’ve used time blocking. I love pomodoros when I have a big project in front of me. Tools like these, as well as others you might have in your tool box, can help manage how you get things done. 

What about when it doesn’t? You try to use a time management tool yet you discover it doesn’t work because something else is off kilter? Maybe it’s motivation. Maybe it's unclear direction. Maybe it’s just plain being tired. So, now what do you do?

Manage Your Energy

Truth is that time isn’t the only thing we need to manage. We need to also manage our energy, there is only so much. We have limited energy just like we have limited time.

Think of it like a bank account. If you continually withdraw from the bank account without making deposits you will get an overdraft. In other words … you will get overwhelmed.

Last blog we talked about doing less better. That essentially means you will need to schedule time to make deposits (e.g. sleep, relaxation, having fun …), so you have an energy reserve to draw from when needed. Because, when your account is empty and you're in an “energy crisis” you’ll likely end up with tunnel vision that limits your ability to see what else is possible.

Investing in Your Energy Reserves

Making deposits before you are overdrawn means slowing down and inserting rhythms in your life that give you energy. Sometimes you need to slow down and take a look at what’s going on, evaluate it so that you can go forward faster and better. 

  1. Leave your desk. Spend a few minutes in a “sacred” space – go out in nature, find a new location to work.
  2. Focus on a hobby. Something that gives you energy. commit time to do it even when you’re busy.
  3. Block thinking time. Regularly set up time in our calendar to evaluate what’s important.

If these small deposits still leave you depleted, then you may have to consider putting a stop on doing too many withdrawals – the things that cost you energy. Next blog we will focus on working on the right stuff. If you’re feeling depleted and unsure how to make some deposits in our energy account, set up a time to chat with a free strategy session.

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