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Lessons from Leading Remote: Core Values

remote work Jun 22, 2022

The way we work has changed drastically. Beyond where we might do our work, it’s also how work gets done. Amidst all this change we have learned how to do things differently. We’ve likely been surprised by the ingenuity found in doing things in new ways. 

As we forge our way into this new territory we bring with us additional insights into workplace flexibility, work-life balance, social connection, communicating, meetings, hiring and more. We still, however, need to have an anchor that holds us to what matters. 

As we wrap up this blog series on lessons we have learned while leading remotely, let’s talk about what we have learned about the things that haven’t really changed. Your team’s core values.

What have we learned about what’s important?

Regardless of what’s happening in the world around us, our values serve as a guide for how we make decisions even in the face of uncertainty and change. In the midst of the unexpected chaos of the pandemic many experienced some level of incongruence between what they had to do and how they understood their team's stated values. This misalignment is typical in times of crisis and we often have to step back and take a look at re-aligning to values.

How do values influence decisions?

As we settle back into what we have learned and how to integrate that into how we move forward as a team or an organization, your values serve as your guide. 

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” ~ Roy E. Disney

We’ve learned in this season just how important it is to live from our values. Some values serve as anchors and ground us as an organization. Others, also, serve as guardrails to the decisions we need to make in the way we work. When values become incongruent with our actions, it's our opportunity to examine and evaluate both. At times we have stated values that when faced with a given decision point we realize we haven’t quite gotten the value stated accurately. It’s our opportunity to refine and clarify these values for ourselves and our teams.

Take the time to review how your values are holding up as a team. 

  • How might you need to evolve as an organization to better fit the times and needs of those you seek to serve? 
  • What additional values might you need to add to the mix to help guide you forward? 
  • How might you tweak existing values to better reflect your mission and purpose in today’s world? 

This type of dialogue can re-engage the team and empower them for what lies ahead.  

How can you leverage your values in deciding how to move forward?

Journeying through that incongruity and gaining clarity about values now serves you and your team well as you determine workflow going forward. Integrating changes aligned with values will ultimately lead into the environment you will utilize to get things done whether it is a remote, hybrid or co-located approach. 

What have you learned about the values that guide your decisions as you journeyed through the work changes brought on by the pandemic? What insights can you share with other leaders? Comment below!

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