Thank You!

Annie Perdue Olson

Teacher - Coach - Facilitator

My passion is to work with leaders who want to build healthy teams at the intersection of great leadership and an active dynamic faith.

I have worked in ministry and nonprofit organizations through seasons of growth and downsizing; transition and restructuring; chaos and hope. I have experienced all kinds of people-challenges and I still firmly believe we work better when we work together.

I have been honored to work with some incredibly talented leaders that commit their time and energy to making the world a better place. Some of my favorite projects:

  • Leadership skills training programs to leverage the way we are wired to do relationships at work and in life

  • Coach leaders through the unique challenges of small organizations on limited budgets to achieve excellence

  • Clarify roles, design organization structures and evaluate processes with a strengths-based approach

  • Facilitate sessions for strategic planning and goal setting with a unique approach on how to use metrics in ministry

In my work with leaders, I access experience from over 16 years in nonprofit management and pastoral ministry and 8 years as a leadership trainer / consultant. I have a Master of Arts in Human Resources and Change Leadership from the University of St. Thomas, my coaching certificate from Center for Coaching Excellence, and certification as an MBTI practitioner. I use a variety of assessments in my work -- but the best assessment of what your organization needs is YOU. My goal is to work with you to compliment the brilliance in your leadership, teams and organization.