Problem Solving

Turn Your Advice into a Good Question

I was listening to my colleague’s story. She had just finished a tough round of cancer treatment and didn’t have the support at home that she needed. She had gone on a trip to clear her mind, but it didn’t go as planned. She felt disappointed and alone. Now she was planning another trip and…
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Stop Circling in Your Decisions

Is decision making causing you to circle the SAME mountains over and over again? Leading in ministry means we often make group decisions with teams, boards, volunteers, or members. These kinds of decision-making processes can be the toughest to manage. Frequent opportunities to get stuck along the way to deciding! A few reasons for circling…
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They Expect Solutions!

People come to you with problems and expect you to have answers — and sometimes you don’t. But even when you do – should you offer the solution? For quick decisions that have low impact >> that’s usually the right move. When the solutions are not clear and the impact crosses over multiple people or…
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