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Your Approach in Times of Change

change change types Jan 04, 2023

‘Tis the season for change. It’s a natural pause to look to the future and envision what’s next. For some it’s a new fiscal year with a new budget and new goals. For others it’s about realignment and readiness for growth. Some of you may simply be looking at what needs to change as you recover from the last year! 

As we look to lead our teams through the logistics of change we may lose sight of the people who need to embrace the change. Leaders can easily plow forward and then hit all kinds of unexpected resistance. It’s not that people don’t want to change, it’s that they have different reasons and inspiration for change. Ignoring that will derail a change faster than lack of resources or external constraints that may oppose you. 

If you want your change to “stick” then you’ll need to gear how you lead change around the different ways people are inspired to change, what they notice, what they need and how they contribute. This next series will dive into each of these four aspects of how people approach change. Gaining this understanding will help you bring people along and minimize the resistance that can stop change “dead” in its tracks.

Change Mottos

Let’s start by talking about four ways people approach change. Which motto resonates from you when you are faced with leading or making a change?

A Dreamer’s Change Motto: “Change it, that’ll make it better.” 

A Doer’s Change Motto: “Let’s do it, not talk about it.” 

A Thinker’s Motto: “Let’s think about this another way”

A Fixer’s Motto: “If it’s not broken, why fix it?

What's Next

Stay tuned for the next four blogs where we will deep dive into each of these four change styles exploring each style’s (1) inspiration to change (2) noticing in change (3) needs in change and (4) contributions to change. If you’d like to get a preview of your approach to change, download the change style assessment HERE

And, I’d love to hear more about your questions as you lead your team through change. Let’s build on our understanding of these different approaches to change to help you lead your next change with confidence and giving your team the confidence they need to embrace change. Comment below or email me HERE.

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