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What You Notice In Times of Change

change change types Jan 18, 2023

What would it take for you to give your next change initiative the best chance of success? The first thoughts that come to mind might be money or plans or vision or leadership. And you’d be right,all those things are necessary for the success of change. Yet, research often points to the biggest failure in getting things to change are the daily behaviors. These pull people back to the old ways of doing things. 

It’s like the “black hole“ of habits rob change initiatives of their success. Resistance to change will always emerge and more often it’s experienced through subtle habits rather than active resistance. It might, therefore, be helpful to have a “radar” to detect this “black hole”. 

Essentially we each have one kind of “radar” that picks up what is important to notice during change. Yet, our radar is tuned into a specific frequency and we might miss what someone else would notice. What if you could access more than your own frequency? What difference would this make?

Let’s look at these different kinds of radar. What cues do they provide during change?

What Do Dreamers Notice?

Dreamers have a habit of changing and changing and changing again without necessarily noticing if the last change was successful. This radar of noticing “what could be” creates an iterative focus on building one change on another. However, others around them might feel like the next vision for change is just a “flavor of the day”.

Think of the Dreamer’s radar in light of what they think about, see, and believe: 

Think About: All the things that could change

See: All the possibilities if we make a change

Believe: Change will be good!

Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream. ~Debby Boone

What Do Doers Notice?

Doers have a habit of picking the lowest hanging fruit and going for it as soon as they see the path. The most successful conversation about change for them is the one where a decision is made and the steps are laid and everybody jumps to action. However, others can feel railroaded into a decision or that the plans aren’t thought through enough.

Think of the Doer’s radar in light of what they think about, see, and believe: 

Think About: What is relevant to the situation

See: Details crucial for action now

Believe: Clarity will come by taking steps

The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active. ~Octavia Spencer

What Do Thinkers Notice?

Thinkers have a habit of looking at every angle before taking action. Their radar is noticing the problem from multiple perspectives so that the solution gets at the root of it rather than just fixing another symptom. However, others can feel like the change is getting overly complicated or it’s getting stuck in an analysis paralysis loop. 

Think of the Thinker’s radar in light of what they think about, see, and believe: 

Think About: Outside of the box ideas 

See: Every angle and possible approach

Believe: Deep understanding informs what we do

Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great. ~John D. Rockefeller

What do Fixers Notice?

Fixers have a habit of picking apart facts and details of change to justify the energy, time and resources to make a change. Their radar tunes into how to lay out plans and follow through so everyone can reach the desired outcome for change. However, others may experience this attitude of “show me the money” as shooting down ideas before they have a chance to mature through dialogue into something that is possible. 

Think of the Fixer’s radar in light of what they think about, see, and believe: 

Think About: How to improve inefficiencies

See: Data that proves change is needed

Believe: Detailed plans help us avoid disaster

Change is not an event, it's a process. ~Cheryl James

What's Next?

We’ve talked about differences in what inspires change and what we notice in change. What about differences in what we need during times of change? That’s our topic for the next blog.  

If you’d like to get a preview of your approach to change, download the change style assessment HERE. And, I’d love to hear more about your questions as you lead your team through change. Comment below or email me HERE

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