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What Inspires You To Make A Change

change change types Jan 11, 2023

People don’t resist change. They are more likely to resist HOW change is presented or the process to get to change or how they are able to be involved in change. 

Each of us is inspired to make necessary changes for different reasons. Each of us has a different lens that creates the willingness to do what it takes to make change happen. 

Let’s explore “what inspires people to change” based on their change style. Which one resonates with you?

How Dreamers are Inspired to Change

Dreamers are inspired by the IDEA of change. They look through the lens of possibilities. Dreamers love to think outside of the box to see new and novel ways of doing things. Think of these three inspirations for Dreamers, they get to: 

  • Pursue innovative solutions
  • Appreciate creativity over routine 
  • See how change will work

How Doers are Inspired to Change

Doers are inspired by ACTION. They look through the lens of relevancy. Doers love to take action on the most relevant and realistic steps to make an immediate impact. Think of these three inspirations for Doers, they get to:

  • Pursue tangible, relevant results
  • Appreciate realistic pictures of the future
  • Design the steps to guide others

How Thinkers are Inspired to Change

Thinkers are inspired by the inner world of CONNECTIONS. They look through the lens of solutions beyond the symptoms. Thinkers love to work on their own ideas and add their creative spin on things. Think of these three inspirations for Thinkers, they get to:

  • Pursue new and novel ideas
  • Appreciate time for personal creativity
  • See how things are interconnected

How Fixers are Inspired to Change

Fixers are inspired by broken systems or processes or things. They look through the REPAIR lens to see what is working and not working. Fixers love to dig into the data and devise a plan that will guide resources and activities to the end goal. Think of these three inspirations for Fixers, they get to:

  • Pursue what’s not working
  • Appreciate data about the problem
  • Promote follow through to get results

Know your audience if you want  to inspire people to make the personal sacrifices that come with change. Your team (your audience) has different triggers for activating change. Finding out what inspires them and casting a vision that aligns with their inspiration will motivate the team to be ready to engage in change. 

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. ~Wayne W. Dyer

What's Next

Next blog lets move from what inspires each style to embrace change to what each style notices in times of change – what they think about, see, and believe. Tapping into each of the four “geniuses” can help you plan a better change process that gets the results you need.

If you’d like to get a preview of your approach to change, download the change style assessment HERE. And, I’d love to hear more about your questions as you lead your team through change. Comment below or email me HERE.

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