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Complementary Communication: Can we all get along?

We often elevate the idea that we all need to get along. Unconsciously we may invite people on our team who are more like us than not. Over time a leader will notice the team keeps circling on the same topics because of this tendency towards similarity. It’s time for fresh ideas and new perspectives. However,…
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Boost Employee Retention

By Annie Perdue Olson | September 18, 2018 |

People who choose to work in ministries or churches get up and go to work every day because they are making a difference. Smart people using their talents and expertise to make the world a better place. While most ministries are known for underpaying and overworking their employees, they compensate by focusing on the people…

Do the Dance of Communication

By Annie Perdue Olson | September 6, 2018 |

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we just woke up one morning great communicators? We would know what to say, how to say it and when to speak or keep quiet. Results would be positive influence, greater connection, better collaboration, sustainable results and more! However, communication is a dance that takes two partners moving together in…

Building Blocks of Communication

By Annie Perdue Olson | September 3, 2018 |

In last week’s blog, I focused on the natural communication breakdowns that get in the way of our forward momentum in work and relationships. Most of us would love to avoid those breakdowns, because they are roadblocks to performance at work and create rifts in relationships that slow us down at best and bring us…

When Communication Lets You Down

By Annie Perdue Olson | August 31, 2018 |

Do you ever feel like communicating should be easier than it is? What you want to say is so clear in your head, but when you try to communicate it the message just falls to the floor and your listener stares at you blankly. Even worse, it seems like great communication has happened, only to…