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Moving Beyond Pivot to Creativity

problem solving Dec 10, 2020

I love words. Finding the right way to translate a thought or concept into an insight is one of my favorite things. Communicating knowledge in a way that makes it tangible and relevant is something I strive to do. Yet, there is a word that has started to leave a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. It’s accurate. It’s real. But, I just don’t like it. The word? Pivot.

Everybody is using pivot to describe the environment we are in for 2020. We are learning to adjust what we are doing quickly in order to accommodate the constraints, changes and crises  we are facing as leaders.  

In the last year, I have learned to transition to a virtual environment, revamping nearly every aspect of my work and life. I remember the day many years ago I told my neighbor that I wouldn’t make a good homeschool mom. Yet, here I am doing it. 

It’s been hard! And the word pivot now symbolizes the struggle and effort it now takes to do what we do. And it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. There is a new word that is emerging for me that is taking on a new tone. The word? Creativity.

We need to inject creativity to provide a catalyst to think more broadly
and generate different ideas. 

- Yvonne Brennan 

The word pivot speaks to accommodating the external influences of 2020. The word creativity connects with me in a different way. I am energized by creative problem solving. Being able to hold the mission in one hand and the possibilities to achieve that mission in the other. Creativity is making the right match in the right moment. This is our time! Our opportunity to be creative. 

My Inspiration

I was inspired by a recent conversation with Tanya Pinkerman on the confidence to be creative. A few of my take-aways:

  • Creativity doesn’t have to be splashy
  • Comparing our creativity with others erodes confidence
  • Creativity in ministry is about planning and problem solving
  • Creativity helps us see the opportunity instead of “this is really a bum deal”

What does the word creativity inspire in you?

What’s Next?

Get inspired yourself by checking out our latest episode in the Side by Side Podcast with Tanya Pinkerman: Confidence to Be Creative

How could replacing the word pivot with the word creativity when you are thinking about how you are navigating life and leadership? What is one way you could leverage a creative mindset to tackle a challenge you are currently facing?

Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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