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Episode 49: Recover Confidence After a Tough Season

confidence podcast Nov 29, 2022

"We've been through a tough season and it was really hard on all of us. We made it, but my confidence is a bit shaken. What can I do to rebuild my confidence and give my team a boost?"

If you’re in leadership for any length of time you are going to have seasons that shake your confidence. Leading is filled with the unexpected and sometimes it’s those things that you have zero control over that wreak the most havoc on confidence. How do you build confidence in the hard seasons?

Acknowledge the Season

As a leader you call out the season for what it was – HARD. Then, turn it over to the team. Ask a few open ended questions, like:

  1. What was hard about this season for you?
  2. What did you learn about yourself in this season?
  3. What is your take away from this season?

It’s like shedding light on the dark season and that alone can restore confidence in you and in the team.

Capture the Learning

It could be an informal conversation and you just make a mental note of what you are hearing from others. Or capture a list on a flip chart in a meeting. Keep a journal. You could even pick something you might invest in for personal development or team development in the future. 

You’re not letting that hard season rob you, because you’re going to take away some learning from that experience and that’s going to propel you differently into the future. 

Get More Tools 

What do you know about yourself that helps you to gain confidence? What is it that you can learn that would help you to feel more confident? For me it was grad school. It could also be reading a book. Taking a course. Getting a certification. Engaging a mentor.

Partner with an Expert 

Maybe you don’t have to be great at everything. The idea is for you to know your limits and stay in your wheelhouse as a leader. Stay in that space where you do feel really confident and then partner with others that have expertise different than your own.

Try Again . . . 

When it comes down to practical, hands-ons ways to build ideas. The best idea is to experience a positive situation. When we feel accomplished, we gain confidence. 

Force yourself into it – but don’t freak yourself out – just do a small thing. A first step. Create safety nets. Seek wise counsel. Do some research. Use a framework.

Rather than ignoring the hit to our confidence, we can take time when things aren’t as hard to intentionally reflect on and restore confidence, so we are ready for the next time. 

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