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Episode 47: Leading From Your Center

podcast Nov 15, 2022

As a woman in leadership, I find myself vacillating between pushing hard with intensity OR getting small when there is a lot of push back. I'd like to live more in the center. What are your thoughts on how to do that?

Uniquely, for women in leadership, there’s a see-saw that we can ride trying to get centered on who we want to be as leaders. Sometimes the cards are stacked against women in leadership and it gives us the impression that we need to prove ourselves in ways that our counterparts don’t necessarily have to do.

Lead centered in your values

The pressure to prove ourselves as women and even any leader can get us off-center from our core values. We often don’t know values are operating until some conflict rears up – like riding the see-saw, right? At that moment you feel tension within yourself and that tells you that a value is playing out right now. And sometimes that value looks like resistance, frustration, aggressiveness, but it can also look like giving up, walking away or getting small. To get off the see-saw of behavior, you’ve got to look deeper at what is going on behind the scenes and driving your discomfort or inner tension. 

Surround yourself with wise and honest counsel

Whether a male or female leader, those I’ve worked with find talking through values to be invaluable. We need spaces in our lives as leaders where we can dig deep and articulate our core values. The questions, comments and encouragement from others around us can help us draw out those things which are consistently important to us 

Clear values guide decisions and create the center point that holds you from over-intensity or minimizing who you are. 

More confidence with experience

Anchoring into our values and gaining the kind of clarity that plays out in the trenches is about walking through this over and over again. It will mean coming back to center over and over again. Yep, the challenges you face – especially those that come from people around you will knock you off center over and over. Every single time is an opportunity to practice finding your center. 

Next Steps

  1. Get clear on your values
  2. Talk it out with your people
  3. Live out your values

It’s probably more like a cycle and less like steps. So, dive in and go around the circle a few times and see what you learn about living in your center. 

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