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Episode 46: Why Leaders Need To Ask Questions

communication podcast Nov 09, 2022

Conferences that you attend are wonderful moments to step out of the day to day to reflect and learn with others. I had the honor of joining the LeadBold gang at last week’s conference and I’d love to share a few nuggets for leadership.

Courage to Lead

I resonate with what I hear from leaders, that leadership isn’t what we thought it would be. Leaders are often stepping into courageous spaces, like one speaker’s reflections on Joshua. Don’t you find it interesting that God told Joshua 4 times to “be strong and courageous because I am with you.”? The fourth time God starts off with “have I not told you” in verse 9. I heard it differently this time – it isn’t frustration with repeating the message, instead it’s like…

“Hey, Joshua, notice what I have done for you before. Don’t forget to look back and see the good things. Remember what I have said about my presence with you and what you are capable of.” 

When we face our next courageous moment – there’s God saying, “Don’t forget, you got this and I’m with you.”

Power of Community

I’m not really up for leading alone. I really don’t think that can be done. I definitely don’t think it should be done. It’s not the way we are wired. Yet, so many times I see leaders pushing forward into the new territory alone or feeling like they are on their own.

I suppose that’s the beauty of conferences. It brings people in similar situations together and we don’t feel so alone. ]I witnessed the power of listening to stories. Not only our own stories, but the stories throughout history and the bible of women and leaders who changed the world and led courageously into new territory. Even if imperfectly, right?!?.

Why Leaders Need to Ask Questions

These two insights on courage and community are reasons why leaders need to ask more questions! You knew I’d turn it around to that, didn’t you!?!

The kinds of questions that move from the “how to” space into the learning space and cultivating stories space are the ones that expand our perspective and help us see differently and take action more strategically.

When we ask good questions, those around us feel heard and then empowered to take the bold step forward into the territory we are leading them into. 

So, if you are going to lead your leaders into new territory with courage and community, you’ll need to ask good questions. 

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