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Episode 44: Powerful Questions for Great Conversations

communication podcast Oct 25, 2022

Every leader is engaging in all kinds of conversations every single day. Some simple, some more complex, and others somewhere in-between. Great leaders are always looking for ways to engage conversations with more savvy. 

And if you want to ramp up your conversion skills, asking the right question at the right time can make all the difference. In unpredictable situations, remaining curious and asking questions can slow down the conversation just enough, and you might really tap into that unexpected information that changes the conversation and takes it even deeper. 

This week I had the honor of joining a conversation with Andrea Coli, Executive Director of Lead Bold. We chatted about an upcoming workshop I will be facilitating at the Lead Bold Conference in Chicago on November 3rd and 4th. 

And I’d like to share the conversation with you. And, of course, I also invite you to jump in a car or hop on a plane and join me in Chicago Illinois for the Lead Bold conference on November 3rd and 4th. 

Check out these highlights to our conversation:

  • How great conversations contribute to great leadership
  • Not every question is created equal – what questions matter to great conversations
  • Engage curiosity to understand other perspectives and deeper needs
  • Questions are the antidote to assumptions
  • Differences in leaders who engage questions vs. those who don’t
  • How questions can help you address problems that seem unsolvable
  • How questions affect collaboration by co-creating solutions 

Get highlights on how to become great question askers using a three-stage-funnel. Drive the conversation upward toward the top of the funnel by asking expansive questions. Those kinds of powerful questions that uncover deeper needs below the surface that helps people solve their own problems. 

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