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Episode 39: Traveling Through Transitions

change podcast Sep 20, 2022

What do I need to know to navigate transitions well as a leader?

Personal and leadership transitions are a natural part of our lives as leaders. There is no question that at some point in your life and leadership you will be navigating transitions. Now imagine you are leading a whole group of people through a transition! The tricky part is that nobody traverses transition in the same way; and you’ve got to lead them through.

Tim Austin joins us today to answer our listener's questions about navigating transitions. Having navigated his own major transitions, Tim also partners with leaders traveling through transitions to use them as fertile ground for clarity and growth.

  • We create space for intentionality AND hold space to become aware of God's surprises that will come up along the way. (1:52)
  • Engage the slowing down process rather than getting to the next thing as quickly as possible. (5:54)
  • Debriefing, unpacking your story, telling your story. It opens up headspace and heart space for dreaming, which comes next. (7:41)
  • If you see it coming and you can work toward building a team that will support you well in that transition and really hold space in different ways (13:41)
  • We can often attach ourselves to our roles. Those aren't really helpful in transition. Transition is kind of a stripping away of these secondary identities to get to our true identity (15:18) 
  • In transition we are simultaneously looking ahead planning, but we're also trying to bring closure to other areas. Use the RAFT Tool: (19:19)
    • Reconciliation - closure to relationships
    • Affirmation - celebrate and affirm
    • Farewell - saying goodbye intentionally
    • Think Destination - don’t jump here before RAF
  • While traveling transition, build some intentional rhythm and routines in your life that are non-negotiables. (22:13)


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