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Episode 37: Matching the Team’s Talents to Tasks

podcast team building Sep 06, 2022

When leaders are working from the gifts and talents that God has given them, they will contribute with more energy, go above and beyond, and stay motivated in the work they are doing. Even so, it’s likely that not everyone on your team has found their niche and is able to bring their best self forward to the work. Let’s answer this question today:

"Everyone on my team is gifted so differently. How do I help them use their gifts and talents and accomplish our team goals?"

One of the foundational things that needs to happen and really be affirmed, is recognizing and making sure that everyone on the team has kind of missional alignment. Are we all understanding our big mission? Are we all passionate about it? Are we all willing to stretch and bend a little bit to make that mission work? (6:16)

One of our values is, everything is an experiment. And having that belief really frees us up to try things without that burden of feeling like we're locked in. That goes a long way with being able to try different things and encourage people to just try something. You might discover that you're really good at something that you didn't realize that you were, (8:39)

When you see that impact happening in the people that you're leading, you've got to notice it, and you've got to point it out to them. it's a win win, because you're not only narrowing down and having more clarity about their gifts, but you're also being affirming. (14:19)

A person also needs to know themselves and to be able to say yes when they want to say yes. And be able to say no, when they want to say no if something's not a good fit. If we could both work together with leaders saying, “Hey, I'm going to challenge you to do this thing that's a little outside of your comfort zone.” And, then as those that were leading, able to look at it and say, “Okay, yeah, I’m a little bit scared, but I can see it.” That's one way to match those up a little bit.  (16:47)

At the end of the day, you are in charge of stewarding and shepherding your team dynamic. And sometimes, for a number of reasons, there's somebody who isn't a great fit for the team. And that could be a chemistry thing, that could even be a timing thing, it could even be a personality thing. It’s really biting the bullet in a gracious way. Again calling back to the mission. (21:29)

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