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Episode 33: Stepping Back to Gain Perspective

Aug 09, 2022

"It's been a surprising season in our ministry. Some great things are happening, and we've had a few setbacks, too. How do I step back and gain a little perspective and help my team do the same before we dive into this next season?"

When things are a little busy in life and things are constantly coming at you – both the good things and the bad things, our vision can narrow and we might not notice some of the adjacent things going on that require some attention or even just noticing what we are learning or how we are growing in this season.

Stepping back to get perspective is a leadership practice we can put in place in our life and leadership and that’s the focus of our leader’s question today. I’ve asked Lisa Lewis to join us in answering the question.

  • The mindsets that we have as leaders that stand in the way of our leadership
  • Addressing the self-limiting leaders have on how and when they can step back 
  • Reflecting on the model of Jesus to step back and rest and care for self and others
  • How to build in breaks into the different seasons of your life to care for the soul
  • Finding rhythms of stepping back regularly or at times of transitions
  • Changing spaces changes perspectives so change it up
  • Responding to resistance to stepping back with “regardless“ and “nevertheless”
  • Recognizing the deeper need within yourself and others to gain perspective

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