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Episode 27: The Biggest Mistakes Leaders Make

podcast Jun 28, 2022

What is a mistake you witness leaders making more frequently than others?

We are bound to make mistakes as leaders. Some of those mistakes can turn into patterns. And these patterns can really get us in trouble – and make a mess of our teams. Well, let’s stop those patterns before they start in this discussion with Tim Winders, strategic coach, author and host of SeekGoCreate, a podcast and youTube interview show.

From his own journey, Tim shares with us three principles of leadership he has observed over the years and the mistakes that emerge from the opposites of these three principles: Love, Faith, Peace. The “fix” for leadership mistakes is not more techniques but learning how to be a better human who demonstrates these qualities in every area of life and leadership.

Love instead of Apathy

  • Considering others - schedule time to think about what your people need from you
  • Offering timely praise (and correction)
  • Balancing task-driven results with nurturing and caring for people
  • Study people who work with you and adjust your approach

Faith instead of Self-focus

  • Being a steward instead of “being in charge”
  • Shift from the mindset that it’s all up to you
  • Recognize there is more to life and leadership than you
  • See that you need to return what you steward better than you received it

Peace instead of Creating Chaos

  • Bring peace instead of creating chaos to create job security or dependance on you
  • Remove roadblocks for your people and create an environment to succeed
  • While there is true urgency, if you sense chaos step back and look at why
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