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Episode 19: Recovering from Mistakes

learning styles podcast May 03, 2022

"I know everybody makes mistakes. How can I turn mistakes into opportunities for learning and growth?"

We all make mistakes and sometimes they can be hard to recover from so we tuck them away someplace safe and hope we never make them again. You're probably noticing that it’s not a great strategy. Those mistakes haunt us unless we can turn them around and learn and grow from them.

To answer your question I am joined today by Laura Padgett host of Livin' What You’re Given podcast and a multi-published, multi-awarded author and dancer. She holds a Master’s degree in storytelling through creative movement. Laura’s writing, storytelling and dancing is surrounded by the purpose and passion of helping others see their worth and value through the lens of Jesus. I think that lens is so important when we are reframing the mistakes in our life. Listen in to more of our discussion on:

  • Finding hope in mistakes when we look through the lens of Jesus
  • Recognizing that “pobody’s nerfect”, Laura’s signature saying
  • How perfectionism leads us to deny mistakes and fail to learn from them
  • “If you can’t get real, you ain’t gonna heal”
  • It’s difficult to grow under the umbrella of blame and shame
  • Leaning into the Holy Spirit to reveal the baggage that might be holding us back
  • Simple daily practice to accepting our humanity and the humanity of others
  • Hold space in our life for the lessons from mistake to come to us
  • Denial costs you a lesson. Pushing it down the road means it will happen again
  • Making amends after a mistake is for YOU not others or the relationship
  • Admitting your mistakes ripples through teams creating grace and authenticity

A shout out to J. Rosemarie Francis who offered us her voice as narrator to today’s question. She is host of Tools of the Podcast Trade taking the confusion out of podcasting AND Solo Moms Talk, connecting stories of solo moms globally. 

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