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TRAILER: Get the Team You've Always Wanted

podcast Dec 14, 2021

Lead your Leaders is a podcast to answer those tough questions that surface when you're trying to build teams that work better together. You’ve got questions that need answers if you are going to develop your own leadership and make an investment in your team so they can become better leaders, too.

Tune into a few of the questions leaders are asking about how to get the team they've always wanted:

"I heard from a team member’s direct report that they feel micromanaged. I probably need to talk to the team member about it, but isn’t it micromanaging if I step in?"

"We need to make some role changes on our team. Should I write the job description around their strengths or based on what the organization needs?"

"How can I help my team when everything is so overwhelming? I want to be encouraging so they don't leave but I don't want to give them false hope that it will get better when it's been this way for a while."

"How do you lead well when Covid has changed the landscape of how to lead people now that they are mostly working from home?"

"We just finished a big event. Some things went well and others we need to improve. How do I offer feedback? Especially the corrective feedback?"

"In a small organization how do I manage staff and provide effective leadership with my staff that have turned into friends?"

Join in the discussion and get answers to your questions in each episode. Got a question you would like answered?

1. Record or write your question and submit it HERE 

2. Email your question to [email protected]


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