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10 "NEW" Ways to Say Thank You

delegation Oct 06, 2021

Let’s take a “commercial break” from this series on delegation to highlight an important phrase that is a key to success when delegating: thank you

“Silent gratitude isn’t much to anyone.”

— Gertrude Stein

Often we are too busy to say those two words. We think of them and then get distracted by the next thing to do. Or, we see the work as simply part of the job someone is paid to do without realizing a “thank you” can inspire intrinsic motivation. 

In delegation this becomes increasingly important as everybody needs a higher dose and increased frequency of “thank you” when doing a new thing. In last week’s blog we talked about needing to be CLEAR when delegating and the “A” in C-L-E-A-R is for “appreciation.” It’s an essential ingredient.

So, here are 10 ways to express “thank you”: 

  1. Offer your vote of confidence. “Thanks for doing this. I’m grateful to have you on the job.”
  2. Be specific. “That’s a more efficient way to do that. Thanks for thinking of that -- your efficiency is why I picked you for the job.”
  3. Handwritten note. A thoughtful statement of personal affirmation specific to the situation or the person. If you’re working remotely … send it in the mail!
  4. Bless them with a gift. Not only to the person, but to their family (spouse or kids) or someone they care about. Tailored to what they enjoy -- sports, movie, dinner, book, etc. 
  5. Bless them with an activity. An opportunity to try something new -- new restaurant, golf lessons, new hobby starter kit, or fitness opportunity.
  6. Extra Time off. Give them the opportunity to leave work early, grant extra time off, attend an event that is important to them - offer an act of gratitude for going above and beyond.
  7. Traveling Award. Recognition in front of others is powerful affirmation for some. Create a shared trophy or mascot and pass it around as an acknowledgement of a job well done. 
  8. Find new “thank you” words. Don’t say it the same every time. Keep them guessing how you will thank them next! Try out some new phrases from this list.
  9. Take them out for lunch. Give them the gift of time with you and an opportunity to create a meaningful connection that fuels camaraderie over lunch or coffee.
  10. Encourage mutual affirmation. Create space in team meetings for members to “call out” statements of appreciation to each other to reinforce a culture of affirmation.

Remember that people feel appreciated in different ways. So, as you pick your next way to express “thank you”, say it in their “language.” If it’s simple it’s more likely to get done. Make it heartfelt and tailored specifically to the individual.

Try it. See what happens. You’ll thank yourself later :-)

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