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Posts by Annie Perdue Olson

Complementary Communication: Can we all get along?

We often elevate the idea that we all need to get along. Unconsciously we may invite people on our team who are more like us than not. Over time a leader will notice the team keeps circling on the same topics because of this tendency towards similarity. It’s time for fresh ideas and new perspectives. However,…

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You Thought You Were Clear: 4 Different Ways to Communicate

Have you ever experienced frustration with personalities different from your own that make it harder to collaborate on goals for a project, be effective as a team or make progress towards the broader mission? Working together is necessary, but not easy. Leaders advocate for a certain idea or concept, only to find out that others…

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Do You Lead from the Middle? Find 4 Helpful Ideas

It’s no secret that leadership is hard. Getting caught in the middle is a reality ministry leaders face because of the many roles and variety of people involved in and impacted by their ministry. Executive Directors or pastors lead from the middle of a circle as they work with Boards, stakeholders, staff and ministry teams.…

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Are You Burned Out?

Ministry is hard work. The needs are plenty >> more than can be met with the resources available and the time we can devote. Navigating people dynamics and the complexities of relationships is challenging. These struggles can make each of us question our calling. Many surveys have been offered to help us understand the dilemma…

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Four Confidence Building Strategies

You’re a ministry leader. People are at the heart of your job. Your job is to get the ministry done through others >> your staff and volunteers. What if they lack confidence? People often don’t believe in themselves. They are timid to act. Maybe they hesitate because they’re just unsure. They limit the potential of…

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