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Archive for September 2019

Four Confidence Building Strategies

You’re a ministry leader. People are at the heart of your job. Your job is to get the ministry done through others >> your staff and volunteers. What if they lack confidence? People often don’t believe in themselves. They are timid to act. Maybe they hesitate because they’re just unsure. They limit the potential of…

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Caught in Reverse Delegation

You thought you were clear … but the message didn’t land >> you know because what you delegated didn’t happen and now you’re scrambling to get it done. When leaders ‘take things back on’ it’s time to STOP and take notice. It’s ‘delegation in reverse’ and remember if your car is in reverse >> guess…

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Smooth Rough Leadership Edges

Every ministry leader has some rough edges. Isolation, fear, or insecurity will keep those rough edges sharp. The alternative >> engaging people, tackling complexities, and navigating confusing dynamics. But it is messy when sharp edges collide. Tough situations smooth rough edges. Relationships shine a spotlight on our flaws. It’s necessary we face these (maybe even…

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