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Archive for July 2019

Do’s and Don’ts of Assessments

Yes! I love assessments and use them regularly in coaching and facilitating training. They can be powerful tools to create awareness, offer tangible next steps to accelerate leadership and inspire people to work better together. However, they are just tools! Tools with the potential to create conversation that will build relationships needed to grow and…

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What Is Influence To You?

The word influence is thrown around often in leadership. We know that great leaders are influencers. As ministry leaders, we are hungry to learn how to influence as we lead others in accomplishing mission, to influence with integrity, to influence in a way that leaves a legacy. But what does influence actually mean? And –…

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3 R’s In Ministry Overwhelm

What keeps you circling in overwhelm? You probably have more to do than what you can accomplish. You get sucked into the black hole of overwhelming to-do lists. How do you sort it through and get to the God-thing over the good-thing? It helps to use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix. We get caught by putting…

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Can Your Team Make Magic?

My heart sank when I read this quote. “I have no question that a team can generate magic. But don’t count on it.” ~ J. Richard Hackman I have such optimism for teams to work better together. I even put it in the name of my business: Leading Better Together. I think my heart sank…

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Start the New Job Right

In ministry, or any organization for that matter, we make significant investments when hiring leaders. Yet, multiple studies show that 40% to 50% of newly appointed leaders fail in their first 18 months. Reasons cited for why new leaders fail are: Failure to build strong relationships Lack of clarity regarding expectations Not focusing on the…

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