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Archive for May 2019

Follow the Clues to Authentic Decisions

We live in a world that pops from decision to decision. Did you know human beings make about 35,000 decisions in a day? How is it possible to be thoughtful on every decision? It is not. How do we know which ones matter most? By following the clues. The thoughts and emotions inside of us…

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They Expect Solutions!

People come to you with problems and expect you to have answers — and sometimes you don’t. But even when you do – should you offer the solution? For quick decisions that have low impact >> that’s usually the right move. When the solutions are not clear and the impact crosses over multiple people or…

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Reframe Your Dreaded Conversation

Did you know that of all the tough conversations you will have as a ministry leader, giving and receiving feedback is reported as the MOST DIFFICULT?! It is a complicated process and we can all benefit from learning the skills to deliver feedback well. But, before we go there, let’s explore a framework to understand…

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Another Meeting? Are You Kidding!?!

Another meeting? Are you kidding me?!?! «« You have someone on your team that hates meetings — and it might be you! Ministry culture seems to be filled with meetings. We go from meeting to meeting each adding to our to-do list. We take our to-do list home, because it still must get done. It’s…

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