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Archive for April 2019

Be Brilliant at Work

Loving what we do is a powerful force. It inspires creativity. It compels commitment. It creates resilience in the face of obstacles. Yet, many people are frustrated in their work, losing energy, and starting to look around. According to Gallup’s survey in 2017 only 33% of employees are engaged in their work and 42% say…

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How much is conflict costing you?

Oh, how we like to avoid this topic. Especially in churches and faith-based organizations where we would like to believe conflict doesn’t happen. However, people are people everywhere. Feelings get hurt. People say things they don’t mean. Expectations are left unmet. Miscommunication creates confusion. In all these situations conflict happens – either under the surface…

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What’s Your Leadership Advantage?

Self-awareness gives you a leadership advantage. You see your potential pitfalls before you fall in. You can partner with people to compliment your strengths. You can align what you do with who you are and who God created you to be. Self-awareness is not a once and done kind of thing. Instead it is an…

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4 Steps >> Confusion to Clarity

Confused about the next steps for your ministry? Spring is the season for many ministry leaders to put on their future-thinking hat and plan for the coming program year. Others are facing choices on some big opportunities – possibilities that will grow their ministry; expand impact. They wonder if they are ready and what it…

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