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Archive for March 2019

Do Performance Reviews and Ministry Go Together?

Performance Reviews. Should we or shouldn’t we? That is the question. Pastors, Executive Directors and leaders in Christian ministry are split on the issue. Some look for a more biblical approach. Others adapt what works for other organizations to their ministry context. For others it falls low on the priority list compared to the day-to-day…

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5 Questions About “People Problems”

When expectations are not met, we react. A team member doesn’t pull their weight. A frustrated employee responds with a passive aggressive approach by doing the bare minimum. A project partner agrees to make a change in the meeting but afterward keeps doing things the same old way. Yep. This gets us upset. When we…

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Coaching Solves Problems

Years in ministry and leadership has revealed to me the power of coaching! I used to think leadership was about giving people tools to lead change, offering methodologies, or creating plans. We are leaders. We have solutions. Right? While tools are necessary to solve problems, they may not always offer the best approach. When people…

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