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Archive for February 2019

SMART Goal Setting for Ministry

‘Tis the season! Season for what? Goal-setting. Conversations are about to begin that will lead to setting goals that drive a budget to launch another year of ministry. There are many ways to approach this task. The key is to be intentional, engage in dialogue, and write it down. However, a ministry environment can make…

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Four Keys to Unlock Performance

I was in one of four parties seated at the same time, in the same section, with the same server. You can imagine what happened. The first party served was oblivious to the tension building. The second party flagged down the server and demanded to place her order. The third party got visibly upset and…

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Confidence is a Leader’s Friend

Confidence is a leader’s friend. A necessary asset to being able to lead in any capacity. In fact, it’s an expectation that many leaders feel like they can’t meet. Even the most capable and confident leaders have moments where they must fight for confidence. The dictionary defines personal confidence as “a feeling of self-assurance arising…

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