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Archive for January 2019

Silence Isn’t Golden: Key Questions about Team Communication

Whenever people come together to work as a team, conflict should be expected. There will be differences of opinions, different ways to solve problems, alternative perspectives. Engaging in a healthy dialogue on these differences makes the team work better together – and more importantly makes decisions, results, cohesion and processes better. Productive dialogue is foundational…

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A Community of Healers

This story in Luke 5 is a well-known one. The house was overflowing as the crowd tried to hear Jesus. These four men were carrying their friend on a mat. He was paralyzed. They desperately wanted to get him to Jesus. There seemed to be no way, but these friends would not be stopped. They…

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You say Potato, I Say Potahto

Communication is more than language. It is all the meaning and expectations behind the language. Our personality and how we are wired influences the meaning we assign to words, the information we notice, what we talk about and most importantly the expectations we have of others in “good communication.” Earlier this week I was putting…

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