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Archive for December 2018

Who Will I Become?

Time for a confession. I recently had an interaction with someone important to me that didn’t go very well. They were handling the situation differently than I would, so I stepped in with my two cents about the best way to get things done. My gesture wasn’t appreciated, and I responded defensively. It’s not an…

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The Power of the Pause

We find a way to navigate through (or around) conflict most days until there is the one nagging situation that gets us undone or the one personality type that just sets us off. Sometimes only on the inside. You know, the conflict conversation in our head – on repeat. Conflict is not easy to manage…

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Hiding from a Tough Conversation?

Tough conversations trigger this primitive flight-fight response. Guards go up. Defensive responses pop into our head, and maybe we even put those thoughts into words. Every leader is faced with starting the tough conversation whether it’s about performance, attitude, relationships, expectations and a multitude of other topics for people who must work together. Today’s tip…

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How Much is Conflict Costing You $?

How many dollars did you spend on conflict last week? We don’t often calculate our people problems in dollars and cents. It is costing you money. It is costing you time. It is costing you results. One study showed: The average employee spends 2.1 hours a week dealing with conflict (instead of their job) One…

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